It is so much more efficient (and exponentially less expensive) to get a business agreement done correctly from the outset than to have to go back, take it apart, and fix it (presuming you don't have to entirely unwind what was done and just plain start over). Richardson Sixth likes the process of piecing deals together and building upward better than tearing broken structures down (litigation). How about you?

As prior referenced, going without competent legal representation in business can be like undertaking (and making big mistakes in) a major renovation on your house by yourself. Untold money and hours spent, without obtaining the intended result. Business law is not a do-it-yourself pursuit. Allocate your time and resources the right way. A good lawyer is only slowing the close of your deal to the extent that he is protecting your interests and uncovering red flag items that could cause you serious problems.

There is really no way around it. You need an attorney to navigate the issues that arise in your operation, whether it be the hand-to-hand sale of the most traditional products and services, the commercialization of invented technology, or the latest form of e-commerce or social media. The Sixth Sense for Law and BusinessSM is available to you. Utilize it to your benefit!