None of the "Mind of the Legal Services Consumer" scenarios provide confidence that your contractual agreements and internal processes are sound, or that you and your company are adequately protected. The more your business grows, the greater the complexity and the higher the stakes. It's uncomfortable to feel both unsure about, and fully responsible for, the outcome. How long can you sit with that feeling?

Best case, thoughts about broken business promises, misrepresentations by others, or potential legal liability are always in the back of your mind. Worst case, something goes wrong in the commercial relationship. Products, services or payment are owed and being withheld, and no one can agree on how to proceed. One or more parties may be upset or stubborn enough to sue you over the unlawyered agreement, though you and your company believe the informal contract captured the intent of the parties and that you have fulfilled all of your original obligations under it. These are some of the reasons you need good legal advice and contract drafting from a business lawyer.