Some entrepreneurs, start-up companies, founders, individual investors or shareholders, and other potential legal services consumers, are not convinced that they need an attorney at all. They may not realize the gravity of their need for, e.g., a business lawyer or trademark attorney. Then, there are those individuals or enterprises who are at least aware (sometimes too late) that they have a critical legal matter or liability to address, but they believe they can handle the creation and negotiation of legal documentation and contracts on their own (or via "self-help" online legal services).

You Need A Business Lawywer

Yet another sub-group of clients who need legal counsel ends up going to a large law firm whose name they have heard, and end up being shocked by their legal fee invoices and disappointed that they cannot get their phone calls or e-mails returned by their primary attorney (or by anyone at the big firm who knows something about the status of their legal issue).

Here, Richardson Sixth provides the resource of an analysis of the common mindset of the person or company executive who should be hiring an attorney (particularly, a lawyer who knows how to close business deals). To aid your decision about retaining a lawyer, understandable concerns and common misconceptions are addressed.

Please also have a look at the insightful material here describing the way law firm economics and big law firms work, and the ways in which Richardson Sixth has changed the game by asserting its Sixth Sense for Law and BusinessSM. Become a knowledgeable client, and make the right decision about your legal representation!