This firm has significant experience handling a wide variety of basic corporate and individual commercial undertakings, but is equally accustomed to working on large merger and venture capital deals. Richardson Sixth is an attentive small firm committed to the efficient and budget-conscious delivery of legal counsel that now escapes larger practices. This firm's deal-flow capacity is not limited by its size, however, and it is prepared for the volume and intensity of major transactions.

Richardson Sixth doesn't practice every area of law; it concentrates on those in which its particular kind of clients have exposure and obligations. Where necessary, the firm utilizes its expansive network of relationships with highly specialized attorneys outside the firm who are equipped to address nuanced technical legal subjects. In short, Richardson Sixth creates the team required to close your unique deal, and does not let a cardiologist perform your knee replacement.

Whether your project eventually involves a narrow question regarding the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in Russia, a corporate bankruptcy in Texas, an international television distribution deal with a major Los Angeles studio, or the financing of a commercial real estate project in Japan, the firm's attorney connections are available and called into action on your behalf. These are all actual examples of the reach of Richardson Sixth and its ability to secure subject- and geography-based expertise in the narrow occasion when it is found necessary.