The operational model of Richardson Sixth bypasses the pyramid pay and delegation-to-the-inexperienced systems of standard law firms (see Limited by Walls and Self-Interest). You thus evade the various maladies created by these expiring methods.

This is an independent firm able to employ a variety of billing structures without navigating a lengthy set of partner committee exception approvals. Here, there is freedom to create an economic arrangement that makes sense for your individually evaluated situation. There are not profit-per-partner and billable hour-to-collections ratios to be maintained here; just an honest assessment of the work undertaken and its economic value to the firm and its clients. Here, there is no incentive for the firm to have anyone but a veteran attorney handle your legal work; the very viability of Richardson Sixth's unique enterprise model resides in the pre-existing depth of experience and vested acumen of the lawyer who will guide you.

If you would rather not receive your advice about bet-the-company legal liability and revenue protection from a first-year associate with an eye-popping billing rate, do some additional investigation of Richardson Sixth.