Everyone, lawyers and general public alike, associates law firms with "the billable hour." Sometimes, that concept is an irritant to both populations. No doubt, this method is the simplest way of computing legal fees, particularly when the consumer does not have an experienced feel for the worth of a given legal work product.

The traditional law firm, however, has maintained staunch inflexibility in refusing to consider other fee models that may make more sense for particular clients. Richardson Sixth considers your needs and accommodates the correct economic fit.

If you are anticipating an intense but short-term legal services need, perhaps we will discuss an "on-call retainer" for that time period.

If your company's budgetary process requires a high degree of consistency and predictability in routine legal services expenditures, we might tailor an "even-cost retainer," with equal payments made over the course of a year based on your historical need for counsel.

In special circumstances where the nature of your need requires and the comprehensive quality of the firm's advice would not be compromised, a series of stand-alone legal strategy sessions isolated to particular topics of concern to you and your business might be arranged on a package-cost basis. Similarly, if there is one particular contract that you need drafted and negotiated in isolation, we can discuss performing that work on an "unbundled" basis. While there are many instances in which this is not advisable for the client's well-being, the bar associations of a number of jurisdictions are beginning to embrace unbundled legal services as a means to provide access to competent counsel to previously unrepresented parties.

If you are establishing a new company, you may need Richardson Sixth to provide you a basic start-up package that addresses the required legal formalities and gets you ready for action. The scope and price of the package would be determined in a way that recognizes that some of your legal projects may have to wait until the company matures or gets funded.

We may determine together that the billable hour is the right choice for your legal representation, but let's give it some evaluation. This is part of the Sixth Sense for Law and BusinessSM way of doing things.