Venture Capital and Securities

Venture capital investment, whether in the form of the sale of company stock or corporate debt, may be essential to raise market awareness of a new concept and give a product or service a full build-out to test its merits. For more than a decade, a significant portion of Mark Richardson's law practice has consisted of counseling venture funds and private securities investors, as well as the portfolio companies receiving their investment capital, in private equity corporate finance transactions.

Once viability is proven and traction gained, additional financing rounds are heavily relied upon for everything from facility expansion to hiring exceptional talent to acquiring competitors. Richardson Sixth knows both sides of the equation when it comes to creating the framework for an investor's actualization of a rewarding return while not overly diluting the economic interests of the organization's founders and key personnel.

  • General Securities Law
    • "Regulation D" Securities Offerings
    • Common Stock Issuance
    • Share Subscription Agreements
    • LLC Membership Unit Subscriptions
    • Preferred Stock Sales
    • Stock Option Plans
    • Equity Incentive Grants
    • Restricted Stock and Warrant Issuances
    • Corporate Debt Issuance
    • Note Purchase Agreements
    • Promissory Note Issuance
    • Debenture Sale
    • 0Convertible Debt Financing
    • Recapitalization and Stock Splits
    • Federal Securities Filings (e.g., SEC Form D)
    • State Securities Exemption Filings