Trademark registration and effective trademark portfolio protection preserve the monetization of a company's brand identity. This requires knowledgeable application strategy and diligent follow-through with various maintenance and monitoring tasks. Actual federal registration of a trademark provides the registrant with certain special rights, and Richardson Sixth has distinct techniques to facilitate the acceptance of a trademark application by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Though today's popular advertising lures you with cheap ways to file your own trademark application, that is inadvisable and you absolutely need legal counsel to: (a) deal with any challenges to an application by the PTO that might result in its rejection; (b) build a trademark suite with the foresight to encompass the various uses you will make of a family of marks in the future; and (c) halt infringement of your identity and goodwill resulting from third-party misappropriation of your marks.


Talk to Richardson Sixth about a comprehensive approach to your branding efforts.

  • Trademark Registration
    • Trademark Search and Clearance
    • Intent-to-Use Trademark Application
    • Use-Based Application
    • Service Mark Registration
    • Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) Office Actions
    • PTO Statement of Use Filings
    • Registration Maintenance Filings
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Proceedings