Purchase and Sale of Business

Whether an asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, merger, or other form of acquisition, Richardson Sixth has deep experience in the structuring and execution of complex corporate transactions. The firm assists when ownership of a business is retained by the founders and passed to successors, or when a liquidation event of some kind is ultimately sought.

From assuring that the other party makes the appropriate representations and warranties to you, to making sure you receive what you believe you are buying, to confirming that assets are being sold with clear title, selling or buying a business is a large-scale endeavor full of details and deal-making. In many cases, these are the most important transactions in a businessperson's career. Make sure you reach a fair deal and nothing gets overlooked by engaging Richardson Sixth.

  • Assignment and Assumption of Assets
  • Roll-ups
  • Parent-Subsidiary Transactions
  • Spin-Offs
  • Recapitalization and Work-Outs